The Ultimate List of Deals Groups on Facebook

Posted: September 6, 2020

Written by: SamuraiSocial

The Ultimate List of Deals Groups on Facebook

Here is the ultimate list of 20 Facebook groups to find deals on amazing products and services. Join these groups to find deals and save money in store and while shopping online.

1. Couponing At Dollar General TOO! Group​

Group size: 544,276

A private group focused on Dollar General coupons and deals. One of the largest couponing groups and is run by the team.

Link to group:


2. Couponing At Walmart 411

Group size: 308,046

With over 300,000 members this is a massive group dedicated to finding great deals for shoppers at Walmart.

Link to group:

3. The Coupon Boutique® - Public Group

Group size: 292,856

Great group that is not limited to one store but many different brands. With almost 6,000 posts in the last 30 days there is bound to be a deal for you.

Link to group:

4. TARGET DEALS, Clearance & Couponing

Group size: 306,000

Solid group for everybody who shops at Target. Daily posts with great deals and clearance items.

Link to group:


5. Deals And Code Junkies

Group size: 208,930

Use this group to find deals on lots of products, mainly on amazon with discounts of 40% or more.

Link to group:

6. Couponing At Walgreens TOO! Group

Group size: 195,000

Another group run by the This time it’s for those who love shopping at Walgreens and want to save while they do it.

Link to group:

7. KICKASS Deals | Promos | Glitches | & Free Stuff

Group size: 195,086

This is a public group for those looking for deals on Amazon products. Very similar to the deals and code junkies group.

Link to group:

8. Bomb Deals - Promo Codes - Coupons

Group size: 169,364

Solid group to find deals on various Amazon products. They provide coupons, codes, Amazon  lightning deals and sometimes free products!

Link to group:

9. Bargain Culture - Deals, Codes & Discount Savings

Group size: 68,300

Bargain Culture is a public group dedicated to saving their members money through discount codes, deals and rebates. Check them out here:

10. Glitch & Deals World: Clearance | Promo Codes | Coupon | Freebies

Group size: 185,301

This group accompanies the Glitch and Deals World app where users can find deals from retailers such as Amazon, Kohl’s, Walmart, Macy’s, Ulta, Puma, Reebok, Adidas.

Link to group:


Group size: 164,500

Here is a public group that provides deals and codes for amazon products. The group uses amazon affiliate links like many other groups and can make money off any product you purchase using their link.

Link to group:

12. Smoking Hot Deals Promos Freebies Glitches and more!

Group size: 119,250

Another private group that helps people find great deals on Amazon and eBay.

Link to group:


Group size: 112,700

Real Time Deals is a group for those looking for daily deals all hours of the day for Amazon products. Some deals are even 98% off!

Link to group:

14. Mom, Deals Freebies & Clearance

Group size: 106,192

Great group to find more deals on Amazon products. Run by a mom who loves saving money and finding deals.

Link to group:


15. Coupons Deals & Codes Ali’s Deals

Group size: 95,600

Ali’s deals help you find sales and coupons for products on Amazon. The sale is always 40% to 99% off so you always can find great deals.

Link to group:


16. Deals and codes community

Group size: 87,089

Another awesome group to find products on Amazon as well as other marketplaces with awesome deals and sales.

Link to group:

17. Couponing At CVS TOO! Group

Group size: 82,008

Another solid group for shoppers at CVS to find sales and deals for their favorite products.

Link to group:

18. Deals Codes & Fun

Group size: 77,926

Another awesome group to find deals on amazon products. They have a Telegram group that also provides daily deals and codes.

Check them out here:

19. The Deals and Codes Finder

Group size: 77,600

This is another Amazon shopping deals and codes group. The team running the group finds deals from various sellers, word of mouth and people within the group so you are bound to end up finding great deals for products you like.

Link to group:

20. Deals, Codes & MAJOR Discounts

Group size: 64,510

Great group to find Amazon deals and also help sellers with your input such as which product color/style is the best. 

Link to group:

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