Snagshout vs Jumpsend: A Brief Intro

Posted: August 30, 2020

Written by: SamuraiSocial

Snagshout vs Jumpsend: A Brief Intro

Snagshout and Jumpsend are two competitive sites that Amazon sellers can use to get their products sold or to get reviews on Amazon.  If you love to buy products at discounted rates and if you enjoy giving reviews then you should definitely check out one or both of these channels.


Here is a quick take on these two sites;


What is Snagshout?

Snagshout is a site that provides deals to over 350,000 users looking to purchase products on Amazon. They display products that are currently on discount.  Many of these products are marked 50% to 100% off. 

Some products require buyers to perform tasks after purchasing the product. These tasks can be simple like taking a photo/video of them using the product. When customers share their reviews and experiences about these products, the Amazon business they purchase from will distribute their rebate.

You do not have to leave reviews in order to receive a rebate. It is against the Amazon Terms of Service to refuse customers a rebate if they do not offer positive reviews. But giving reviews does help buyers choose quality products and it helps the seller boost their rank.

How to Use Snagshout to Get Discounted Deals

Snagshout has a chrome extension that users can use to find a certain product that is currently on discount. They can use a coupon code to check through the Snagshout database to see if a product they want to buy is marked down with certain sellers. This chrome extension is much like the Honey browser extension that searches hundreds of deals sites to save users money at checkout.

Snagshot’s interface allows you to search for a specific product, use a price range, and sort by category and by popularity. 


You can also link your Amazon account to get new deals 24hrs before the public. 


Currently, only users can use the service which can be annoying to those outside the United States. 


Snagshout Can Also be Used by Sellers

The other side of this platform is Massview.  This is a service that Amazon Sellers can use to monitor their rank, to run Facebook and Snagshout marketing campaigns, to find relevant keywords, to create email lists and to estimate sales. The pricing for this platform ranges from free, $24 monthly, $99 monthly or a custom price for highly specialized accounts tailored to your needs.

What is Jumpsend?

Jumpsend is an alternative platform that sellers can use to drive sales and traffic to their accounts and products.  This platform also allows buyers to find discounted products.  With this platform, over 100,000 active buyers can access your product and use your promo code to receive a discounted deal. 

Jumpsend Can Also be Used by Sellers

The Jumpsend platform for sellers was moved into the Jungle Scout suite.  Sellers that use Jungle Scout can access Jumpsends tools such as promotions and email marketing campaigns to increase product sales velocity or to communicate with customers to gain valuable feedback.

Their pricing is as follows: $39/month for a basic plan, $69/month for the mid tier plan, $129/month for the top tier plan. 

Compared to Snagshout, users have access to 8 different marketplaces (US, Canada, Mexico, UK, Spain, France, Italy, and Germany) however promotions are only available in the US and UK. 


You Can Also Consider Samurai.Social

While these two sites are good ways to drive traffic to an old listing or boost the traffic to a new product, there is another service that offers more benefits to both buyer and seller.

Samurai.Social is a great place for buyers to find exciting new products at a heavily reduced price.  It is also a good site to help drive traffic to a listing.  The benefit of this platform is that it does not only function with Amazon but also in many different marketplaces.

Samurai.Social Homepage

How to Use Samurai.Social to Find Discounted Products?

Micro-influencers (people who love to purchase awesome products and help provide feedback when they can) first need to sign up with this platform.  They can then look for active campaigns that fit their brand or interest them.

Next, they should read the requirements of the campaign.   Some sellers may have different requests than others.  Some may involve posting about how you liked the product on your Facebook or Instagram.  Many sellers are just looking for micro-influencers to purchase their products so they can boost their ranking on a specific site. 

After reading the requirements, you can apply for the task.  The seller should approve you to go and purchase their product and to fulfill the requirements laid out in the posting. Most times, the seller will require you to search for a specific keyword they have identified by using your Chrome Extension.  Once you have found and purchased the product via the trusted escrow rebate system.  You will also have the ability to communicate with the seller if there are any issues.

Samurai.Social will then send the rebate in 30 days via PayPal.

How can Sellers use Samurai.Social?

Samurai. Social also has sellers covered. The platform can help you drive social proof and boost trusted full-price sales through the use of the Search-Find-Buy method on Amazon. 


This platform is not just for Amazon Sellers but for many types of marketplaces such as Walmart, eBay, and Shopify in various countries like the US, UK, Canada, and Germany. 

Sellers can post various campaigns that fit with their marketing goals. A good example is a seller that might be looking for a promotional post on Youtube and Facebook about their product. They can specify these requirements in their campaign. Samurai.Social will then make it possible to find buyers with the ability to meet these marketing goals. 

With Samurai.Social, you also can message micro-influencers you are working with. Communicating with your influencers is a great way to see if there are any quality control issues with your product that you need to handle before a full-scale product launch. Communicating with influencers also helps you achieve the feedback you want.

Unlike JumpSend and Snagshout there are no monthly fees when you use this platform. With Samurai.Social you only pay when you decide to run a campaign. The platform charges $7.50/Influencer + Rebate Amount (typically 100% of product cost). That’s it. You only pay for the time you run a campaign.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Snagshout and JumpSend are great platforms. But we do feel that Samurai.Social is a step above these two because it fulfills all your launching and traffic boosting needs within one trusted platform. Both micro-influencers and sellers can benefit from this platform. The best part is that this platform includes various marketplaces such as Amazon, Walmart, Shopify, and eBay. This also gives micro-influencers a diverse range of products to choose and sellers have a larger range of options for every marketplace they operate in.