Top 5 Sites Like Vipon: The Amazon Sellers’ Complete Guide to Deal Sites

Posted: June 9, 2021

Written by: SamuraiSocial

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So, you’re an Amazon seller who’s heard about the wonderous world of deal sites for ranking your products and increasing your sales, however you don’t know where to begin? 

Never fear! This guide breaks down everything you need to know about deal sites in 2021 and reviews the top 5 that Amazon sellers are using today. 

Your time is valuable, so let’s begin!

What Are Amazon Deal Sites Anyway?

Before we dive into the deep end, let’s make sure everyone’s up to speed.

What the heck’s an Amazon deal site anyway?

Simply put, deal sites are a place where deal loving customers can meet Amazon sellers who are willing to offer their products at a discount.  

Think of it like Tinder, but for Amazon sellers…

*Crickets*… Bad analogy? 

Let’s move on…

What’s in it for sellers?

If you’ve ever visited a deal site before, you’ve probably seen products for over 50% off. In some cases, they’re completely free!


So, what’s the catch?

Why are Amazon sellers giving their products away for free?

It’s simple;

Doing so helps them sell better on Amazon.

Wait, what!?

In what world does giving your products away make you a better seller?

Let me explain.


As the world’s largest ecommerce retailer, Amazon hosts a huge 9.7 million sellers on its platform.

In Q1 of 2021 alone, 283,000 new sellers joined the platform.

That’s a lot of sellers.

Because of this, it can be hard for new sellers to stand out from the crowd.

By giving away some of their products, they can increase sales, climb the search results, and get seen by more buyers.

They might also rack up a bunch of positive reviews in the process which helps them that much more.

Offering discount products is a classic case of “you scratch my back, and I’ll scratch yours”.

(Or a Pareto Optimality – if you want to be fancy about it!)

What is Vipon Amazon?

Erm, only one of the biggest Amazon deal sites known to man – but, hey, no biggie 🙂

If you’ve done any research on Amazon deal sites, chances are you’ve run into Vipon (now

That’s because they’re enormous with over one million product offerings and one million monthly shoppers to boot!

Vipon is primarily a coupons-based deals site with discounts starting from 50% but you might bump into the odd 100% off rebate – just not as often.

As an Amazon seller you might be happy to learn that they operate in 9 different countries: US, UK, Canada, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Japan, and India

India was one of their latest editions, and they show no signs of slowing down.

Seller subscriptions start at $100 per month and reach a whopping $1,600 per month.

The higher you tier, the more products you can list per marketplace.


It’s also worth mentioning that Vipon has a mobile app which makes checking your seller campaigns on-the-go easier.

Supported Marketplaces: US, UK, CA, DE, FR, EN, IT, JP and IN.


  • Huge network of shoppers – if your product is up there, it will sell 
  • Diverse range of shoppers keeps Amazon from flagging your launches
  • Variety in price tiers allows you to find something tailor-made 
  • Available for 9 different Amazon marketplaces


  • The percentage discount is not always as high as other deal sites
  • Coupon giveaways are less effective for ranking than other methods in 2021


Best for you if: You have an existing Amazon product that’s selling moderately well but you want to increase sales velocity to rank a little higher.

So now you have the complete low-down on Vipon – but that’s not the only Amazon deal site on the market!

Strap on your seatbelt, because we’re about to review the top 5 best deal sites like Vipon that you can use to rank your products to page 1.

Let’s go! 

Top 5 Sites Like Vipon that’ll Help You Rank in 2021

1. Jumpsend (aka, Launch): The Best Value Deal Site

Here’s a little secret…

Jumpsend is now owned by Junglescount (who have rebranded it as “Launch”).

The giveaway was in the J… Get it?

“Giveaway”, both begin with “J”…. *Crickets*

Geez, tough crowd!


Anyway, Like Vipon, Jumpsend (Launch) is a coupon-based deal site that allows buyers to meet Amazon sellers offering their wares at a discount.

It’s smaller than Vipon with around 100,000 active shoppers and only runs in the US or UK marketplaces.

What makes Jumpsend worth a look is its email marketing campaigns allowing you to follow up with buyers and, potentially, bag a lifelong customer.

Prices start at $49 per month and rise to $399 per month – the cost of a JungleScout subscription based on your sales.

Supported Marketplaces: US, UK.


  • Affordable entry level prices
  • Good value – as part of a standard Jungle Scout subscription 
  • Email marketing aspect can help you build your brand


  • Promotions can’t currently run outside of the US and UK
  • There are better ranking strategies in 2021 than coupon giveaways

Best for you if: You have an existing Jungle Scout subscription and want a launch service to boost the rank of an old product that is doing moderately well.

2. Snagshout: The Most Versatile Deal Site

Snagshout is a deal site that lays at the midway point of Vipon and Jumpsend.

At 500,000 active shoppers, it’s bigger than Launch (remember Launch = Jumpsend – just checking that you’re paying attention!) but smaller than Vipon.

Like its counterparts, its buyers can buy heavily discounted products from sellers.

Sellers can access the merchant facilities via (a sister company of Snagshout)

Here, they’ll have access to a special cashback system and keyword research tool that helps them launch on the best keywords.


You’ll find more 100% off rebate products on Snagshout than the deal sites mentioned so far – partly down to their proprietary cashback system.

There is a free tier with a 7-day free trial but one must pay $24 or $99 a month to access the more useful features.

Supported Marketplaces: US only.


  • Powerful ranking platform – their cashback system makes doing 100% full priced rebates easy
  • Helpful – their keyword tool comes in handy when searching the best keywords to launch on
  • Good scaling potential – at half a million active shoppers it covers the launch needs of most Amazon sellers 
  • Versatile by offering 100% rebates and coupon deals


  • US only
  • Mildly steep learning curve on their keyword tool and cashback system


Best for you if: You’re good with tech and have a mix of old and new ASINs; you can use coupons to boost the rank on old listings and use full priced rebate sales to launch the new

3. Rebaid: Best Deal Site for Small to Medium Launches

Now, Rebaid is completely different to everything we have discussed so far.

This is because while it’s a deal site like the others, it focuses on rebates only.

That’s right.

You won’t find but one coupon offer on their site.

This site is a popular option for sellers wating to offer their products at 100% off.

This works by the buyer making a full price purchase and being sent a rebate check, covering the cost, 5-6 weeks later.

For a small fee, buyers can also opt for the direct deposit service and get their rebate within 3 days to their bank account.

Pricing tiers are straight forward and run at “Free” plus $2.95 per sale or $79 a month plus $2.95 per sale.

The latter comes with bells and whistles such as SMS follow up which helps sellers build their audience.

straighforward pricing

Supported Marketplaces: US only.


  • Full priced rebates are one of the best ranking strategies in 2021 
  • Versatile 3-day rebate option increases your chance of sales 
  • Long term brand building with SMS marketing features


  • Only works in the US marketplace
  • Not ideal for mass launches due to a smaller pool of active shoppers (in the 1000s)


Best for you if: You have a few new products that you need to launch to the top of page 1

4. Rebatekey: Best Overall Rebate Site

Rebatekey is very similar to Rebaid in that it focuses heavily on rebates – the clue is in the name!

This allows sellers to make full priced purchases which is a powerful way to rank products on Amazon in 2021.

However, unlike Rebaid, buyers must wait a full 35 days to receive their rebate check.

There’s no 3-day deposit system to speed up the process.

However, also unlike Rebaid, Rebatekey offers coupon deals alongside their rebates – similar to Snagshout.

They also have a handy Chrome Extension that buyers can download and run every time on Amazon to find the latest deals.

For these reasons, Rebatekey has a much bigger active shopper base and is by far the more popular of the rebate deal sites for Amazon sellers.


Supported Marketplaces: US only.


  • Full priced rebates are one of the best ranking strategies for new products in 2021 
  • Bigger pool of active buyers than other rebate sites


  • 35-day rebate wait time might deter some customers from buying
  • Only US supported


Best for you if: You are launching many new products or have a product requiring a lot of momentum to get to page 1 

5. Social Samurai: Best Deal Site for Long Term Brand Growth

Social Samurai is a lesser-known deal site that packs a heavy punch.

Like the other deal sites, it allows buyers to find exciting and new products at a reduced price. 

What makes this deal site special is that it doesn’t pair you up with shoppers.

It goes a step further than that and pairs you up with influencers.

So, whether you want to improve your brand’s presence on Facebook, YouTube or Instagram, Social Samurai has a database of esteemed influencers that you can connect with. 

Doing so allows you to kill 3 birds with one stone: 

  1. You get a full priced rebate sale that helps your product rank
  2. The influencer is encouraged to review your product which you can use for marketing 
  3. The influencer can share your offer with their audience 

These 3 things are huge since you not only improve the rank of your product, but you open yourself up to a new audience which can help you build your brand.

There’s also a low barrier to entry with zero monthly fees…

Sellers are simply charged $7.50 per influencer plus the rebate amount of their product – that’s it! 

Supported Marketplaces: US, UK, Germany, and Canada.


  • Opens you up to brand new pool of buyers not shared by all the other deal sites which can protect your account and launch
  • Full priced rebates are one of the best ranking strategies for new products in 2021
  •  Helpful for bootstrapping entrepreneurs on a budget
  • Supports more marketplaces than most deal sites


  • No coupon options available 
  • Smaller than other deal sites (but growing fast!)


Best for you if: You are launching a less competitive product and want to build a long-term brand for the future 

Final Verdict

So, there you have it.

A list of the best deal sites that you can use in 2021 to boost your ranking and revenue on Amazon.

The one you choose should depend on your goals…

All of them will work, so you need to make sure you have the best listing and product possible to boost your chances of success.

All the best and happy ranking! 

Have any questions or comments? Let us know in the comments below!