Samurai.Social Credits and Payment System Explained

Posted: September 16, 2020

Written by: SamuraiSocial

Here is a brief explanation of the Credits and Payment System in use on Samurai.Social, that allows sellers to deposit their money safely and influencers to trust they will be paid for their work. In this scenario we are going to use Joe, an Amazon Seller and Carly, an influencer to help explain the secure system that is in use at Samurai.Social.

Joe and Carly are both within the fitness niche and can mutually benefit from each other. Joe needs to promote his Insulated Protein Shaker Bottles while Carly is looking to build her brand and relationships with companies in the fitness community.

Joe has decided he wants to have 50 influencers promote his insulated protein shaker. The cost of the shaker is $19.99 and like most campaigns on Samurai.Social he wants to do a 100% rebate. His cost to have 50 influencers search-find-buy and then promote his product is…

(number of influencers) x (rebate $ amount + cost/influencer) = total campaign cost

So his cost to run this campaign is: (50) x ($19.99 + $7.50) = $1,374.50

In order to run a campaign you have to have sufficient credits in your account. Simply go to your account and then click on the “My Credit” tab.

Once inside the “Credit Information” section click on the “Deposit Credit” button. This leads you to the section where you deposit your money using PayPal into the system as credits. The money stays secure within PayPal and the credits are used as a representation of how much money you have available to be put into escrow when a campaign is run.

Here in Joe’s case he would deposit the $1,374.50 so he can pay the 50 influencers, promote his product and have the money allocated to run a successful campaign.

After Joe hires Carly, she writes a review of his product on her blog as well as an Instagram post to her 2,000 followers talking about the amazing advantages of Joe’s Insulated Protein Shaker Bottle.

Carly lets Joe know the Job is complete and sends links in the chat to both the blog review and the Instagram post. Joe sees the posts and is satisfied with a job well done. He clicks the “Close Campaign For This Influencer” button in the workspace which ends Carly’s tasks with Joe for this campaign.

$19.99 of $1,374.50 that Joe had in escrow when he ran this campaign is deposited into Carly’s account as credits which she can now deposit from the “My Credit” Section

Both parties are able to benefit from the use of Samurai.Social. Carly is happy since she built a new relationship with a brand in her niche, felt safe using a trusted payment option where the money sits in escrow and she knows she will be paid, and was able to create content for multiple platforms to help her brand. Joe is happy knowing he received a great review blog post that can drive outside traffic to his listing, he gained brand exposure on multiple platforms (Carly’s Blog and Instagram), and he saw an increase in sales as a result of Carly’s promotions.

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