How To Post A Campaign On Samurai.Social

Posted: February 1, 2021

Written by: SamuraiSocial

Post a Campaign on Samurai.Social

How To Post A Campaign On Samurai.Social

Setting up a campaign on Samurai.Social is simple, here is a quick walkthrough of how to set up a campaign so that you can start you campaign and begin driving sales and finding brand new customers.

Once you have logged into your account click the “Post a Campaign” button to begin creating your campaign.

Important Reminder - We Are Not A Reviews Service

When creating a campaign, please remember that we are not a reviews service and any attempt to incentivize reviews will be flagged and will result in the campaign being removed. Many of our influencers are happy to leave a positive reviews for products they enjoy but putting words and phrases related to reviews will actually hurt your campaign as it will be taken down. We will contact you after taking the campaign down to help rewrite the campaign to suit the platform but hope to avoid this in the first place.

Now that that is understood, fill in the needed info such as Your Campaign Title, Description, Product Categories, your product ASIN (if you sell on Amazon), and any relevant Keywords for influencers to use when looking for your product. Once that is completed click the green “Post Campaign” button. That’s it, all done. Now you can begin driving real customers to your listing and introduce many potential buyers to your product. Begin building your brand today with the help of Samurai.Social!

Why Can't I See My Campaign Right Away?

Some users are concerned when they cannot see their campaign in the “My Campaigns” tab. In order for a Campaign to go live it must be approved by Admins. This is used to protect users from Spam or Irrelevant Campaigns.

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