How to Find Your Old Reviews on Amazon

Posted: August 28, 2020

Written by: SamuraiSocial

How to Find Your Old Reviews on Amazon

Today we’re talking about reviews on Amazon. More specifically; how to find all the reviews you have written over the years of using Amazon.

Why are Amazon Reviews Important?

Reviews are one of the main things that affect product ranking on Amazon.  With good reviews, your product is much more likely to appear on the first page on Amazon instead of page 6, for example. A product that has one thousand five star reviews will beat a product with only one hundred five star reviews.  This is because Amazon knows the product with more five-star reviews is more likely to satisfy more customers and should be shown to most people. 

The Steps for Viewing your Old Amazon Reviews

Now that you understand the purpose and power of reviews on Amazon, let’s look at how to find those reviews.

First, open up and log in to your account if you aren’t already logged in.

Next click on the “Accounts and Lists” Section in the top right corner of the page. Once you are inside your Account section go to the “Ordering and shopping preferences” tab and click on “Your Amazon profile”.

Now, scroll down to the “Community Activity” box and select the tab “View: All Activity.” and then click “Reviews”.

Here you can see all your past reviews, you can edit them to reflect how your experience with the product has been over the years.

For example, if you wrote a review about a water bottle that worked great for the first few months, but had soon deteriorated and doesn’t function well, you can update your review.  Instead of giving the product five stars, you can now write a brand new one so that other buyers can be aware of this problem.

Leaving reviews is very helpful to the seller.  When customers have a problem with their product but never leave a review the seller may never know about the problem with their product. 


With negative reviews, sellers have an opportunity to invest in better quality goods the next time they order from suppliers.  


Many sellers on Amazon are also happy to replace a faulty product with a new and functional item after hearing about issues their clients might experience with their products. Doing this helps the seller ensure good reviews on their business profile which, in return, helps boost more sales.  


How to Get Amazon Products at Huge Discounts

If you want to buy Amazon products at discounted rates then you should scout for new products with few or no reviews. Providing feedback on these products can help sellers build upon your advice.  

You can also check out a new service called Samurai.Social. Samurai.Social is a trusted marketplace for Sellers and Micro-Influencers (a fancy term for people just like you who love to purchase awesome products and help provide feedback on these products) to come together and mutually benefit. 

Sellers benefit from reviews because these reviews boost their Amazon ranking which drives traffic and sales.  Micro-Influencers, like you, get to buy cool new products for a major discount.