Drive Full Price Organic Sales and Generate Trusted Social Proof

How We Work

Post a Campaign

Post a campaign including what details you are looking for in the influencer & what promotion activities (instagram, youtube, facebook etc).

Approve Micro-Influencers

Influencers apply to purchase the product and you can look at their profile including reviews from other sellers on Samurai.Social.

Search-Find-Buy & Promote

Influencers use our custom tool which ensures they “search-find-buy” your product correctly. They then complete the promotion of it directly communicating with you on our platform.

Rebate Approved

With our trusted escrow rebate system you have the ability to review and communicate with the influencer any issues. The rebate is sent to the influencer via PayPal after 30 days.

we work hard to stay compliant with Amazon’s TOS – Influencers are not required to leave an Amazon review

MarketPlaces We Work With

Future Proof Amazon Benefits

Full Price Sales

Receive organic full price sales which increases your rankings on Amazon. As Amazon continues to devalue discounted sales we allow you to generate powerful full price sales.

100% Search-Find-Buy

We are the only service that offers a custom search-find-buy tool that ensures the influencer executes this trusted technique correctly every time!

Verified Reviews

Our influencers are not required to leave a review but since they love sharing awesome products they often do. Unlike other services these reviews show up as verified.

Quality Buyers

You can choose influencers based on the reviews from other sellers on our platform or their shared social profiles. Avoid abusive "buyers" that can hurt your brand.

Other Benefits

Trusted Escrow Wallet

Never worry about a flakky influencer again. If you select an influencer and they do not complete the tasks they said they would in the application you receive a full refund including rebate amount.

Generate Social Proof

Grow your social media following and brand awareness with micro-influencers. Generate YouTube videos, Instagram posts and other content to be able to share on your own channels.

Direct Communication

Our platform allows you to directly communicate with influencers. If they have an issue with your product they can contact you directly on here before leaving any negative feedback online.

Other Marketplaces

We work with other popular online marketplaces to help your products gain exposure and sales at these as well.

About Us and Why We Built Samurai.Social
We are a team of ECommerce entrepreneurs and Influencer Marketing Experts selling on Amazon, Shopify and other platforms. We needed a better (more trustworthy) way to launch products and run influencer campaigns for ourselves and our friends. Samurai.Social was born from our need for more TRUST and we use it everyday!

Our Simple Pricing

  • $7.50/Influencer + Rebate Amount (typically 100% of product cost)
  • No Monthly Subscription
  • Unlimited Products
  • Unlimited Campaigns
  • Unlimited Units
  • 100% Refund if the Promotion is Not Executed


Joe has decided he wants to have 50 influencers promote his insulated protein shaker. The cost of the shaker is $19.99 and like most campaigns on Samurai.Social he wants to do a 100% rebate. His cost to have 50 influencers search-find-buy and then promote his product is…

(number of influencers) x (rebate $ amount + cost/influencer) = total campaign cost

(50) x ($19.99 + $7.50) = $1,374.50

We Work Wherever You Sell...

Samurai.Social Is Built on Trust


A Samurai’s reputation precedes them. Our review systems ensures both sellers and micro-influencers will work together to ensure everyone is happy with each campaign.

Transparent Payments

Our trusted escrow wallet system ensures no one has a bad experience with Samurai Social. Sellers campaigns will be executed and influencers payment will be received.


The foundation of trust is communication. Direct communication between the seller and the influencer is built into Samurai.Social.

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