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Samurai.Social Testimonials

I absolutely love the samurai Social platform! I like the opportunity to see each campaign and have the ability to bid on the ones I know I can test and help out with.

I have done 7 campaigns so far and have enjoyed it a lot.
Juliana B.
I love being a Micro-Influencer on Samurai Social! The site is very easy to navigate. The youtube videos that explain how to get started helped me a lot. It was a breeze to apply for campaigns and I got started right away. Thank you Samurai Social!
Veronica W.
I am an entrepreneur who is trying to create a flexible lifestyle for myself. I found this platform and fell in love. It was perfect for what I was looking for. I have a product review YouTube channel and Instagram. This gives me the opportunity to try and review products without having to spend my income on it. I think it’s a great win-win for both influencing and selling.
Abigail S.

How It Works

Find a Product You Want

Search the new products added daily. Find a product you want to test and apply (typically they agree to a 100% rebate). nn

Order the Product

Once approved your trusted wallet is funded, you can then use our easy to use extension to buy the product on Amazon (or another approved platform).nn

Receive & Share

Based on the campaign and your application promote the product. Some sellers donu2019t require any promotion!n

Get Rebate

With our trusted escrow rebate system you have the ability to communicate with the seller if there are any issues. We send the rebate in 30 days via PayPal.n

we work hard to stay compliant with Amazonu2019s TOS – Influencers are not required to leave an Amazon review

Receive New Products You Will Love
(Typically 100% Free)

You Already are a Micro-Influencer!
Get Rewarded for It!

Samurai.Social Is Built on Trust


A Samuraiu2019s reputation precedes them. Our review systems ensures both sellers and micro-influencers will work together to ensure everyone is happy with each campaign.

Transparent Payments

Our trusted escrow wallet system ensures no one has a bad experience with Samurai Social. Sellers campaigns will be executed and influencers payment will be received.n


The foundation of trust is communication. Direct communication between the seller and the influencer is built into Samurai.Social.n

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