The Workspace Explained

What is the Workspace on Samurai.Social?

On Samurai.Social there are two ways for sellers and influencers to communicate, the Inbox and the Workspace. The problem is many influencers are unaware that the Workspace exists. This leads sellers to provide instructions in the Workspace and sometimes they are not seen in the inbox. The Workspace is where all communication should occur once you have been hired to a campaign. Continue reading to learn the many benefits of the Workspace and how to access it on Samurai.Social.

Benefits of the Workspace – Clean, Secure, Functional

The Workspace is the best place for Influencers and Sellers to communicate during a campaign as it has all the functions in one place. On the right side tab there is a files section where all shared files will appear such as product screenshots, promotional posts and feedback screenshots. This helps both seller and influencer find all the key information in the easiest way possible. Next, the Workspace is the place where the seller will be communicating once an influencer has been hired. This is because after a campaign is launched, all those who were hired appear in the Workspace for the seller, so this is the easiest spot for them to communicate with influencers about any campaign requirements. The Workspace also contains a crucial function which is the “Deliver Job” button. This button tells the Samurai.Social Payment system that the seller has completed their job whether that is a product purchase or an Instagram shout out, and allows the seller to close the campaign for the influencer resulting in the rebate amount being sent to the influencer’s account.

How to Find the Workspace?

First, make sure you are signed in. Next click on the “My Bidding” button at the top navigation bar on the home page.

That will take you here, where you now click on the campaign that you have been hired to.

After clicking on the campaign you were hired to, click on “Go To Workspace” to access the workspace for that campaign. One thing to note is that initially you may not see the “Go To Workspace” button as the seller must Launch the Campaign for you to see this. A seller may take a day or so to hire everyone on the campaign they are looking to work with so you can use the inbox to reach out and ask when the campaign might be launched.

That’s it, now you know how to access the workspace for any campaign you have been hired to and the many benefits of the Workspace on Samurai.Social. 

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