About Me

Hello! My name is Suria Dennis, and I am a student at Texas Tech University. As a college student, I am constantly looking for the next best product, and tend to be influenced quite strongly by social media. I’ve created this account in hopes of not only getting the opportunity to try new and free products, but also in hopes of having the privilege to help as many small businesses thrive in this opportunity-filled world as possible! I am quite moderately active on social media, and I love sharing newly-discovered products with my friends and followers. If I think any product I try out could help anyone I know, I am always determined to tell them about it, and share the privilege of helping those businesses grow with them, as there is an endless amount of room for small businesses to flourish in this progressively-driven society!

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Work History and Feedback

April 2, 2021
Suria was great to work with as she was quick to respond and was able to leave her feedback about the product.