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Alexey S

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About Me

I’m an expert with 10 years of software development experience and a Master degree in Applied Math and Computer Science. I run DevTeam.Space, a tight community of top-rated developers supported by an AI-enhanced agile process. We work with growing startups and help to modernize enterprise companies.

Our top-rated dev teams are trusted by Airbus, Xiaomi, BBC, McKesson, Toyota, notable startups from Y-Combinator and 500 Startups, and many other companies.
We worked with startups that were sold for millions of dollars. We create projects that have more than one million registered users. We have created big data startups. We worked with high-loaded systems with millions of requests per second.

As you may know, 20% of your project success depends on developers’ programming skills. The other 80% – on the project management process. We have both.

Our primary objectives:
* Client satisfaction
* Quality solutions that stand out from the ordinary
* Attention to detail
* Timely delivery

We work mostly with progressive technologies like Node.JS (MEAN stack), RoR, PHP (including WordPress), Angular.JS, React.JS; and build hybrid (Reach Native, Xamarin) and native iOS/Android mobile applications.

If you need help with an interesting project – let’s talk.


* MEAN Stack (MongoDB, Express, Angular, Node.js)
* JavaScpipt / CoffeeScript
* Backbone / Ember / React / AngularJS
* NoSQL / MongoDB / CouchDB / Redis / RabbitMQ
* MySQL / PostgreSQL / SQLite
* Ruby on Rails
* PHP/Wordpress

* iOS native development, Swift, Objective C
* Android native development, Java, RxJava, SDK development
* iOS/Android hybrid solutions, React Native, Xamarin

* Front-end development
* HTML5 / CSS3 / HAML / Jade / SASS / SCSS / Compass framework / Bootstrap / Responsive design (reliable and cross-browser compatible layout for websites of different complexity)
* WordPress themes

* Graphic Design / UI Design / Logo Design


We use an agile project management process, supported by our automated tools and integrated with Pivotal Tracker, and Slack.

We provide you daily progress updates, weekly performance quality reports, and dedicated project and account managers. With this proven system, we correct the course of your project daily, making sure we hit the target.

We work on full-time projects only, it’s 40 hours per week or more (when several developers are involved).

Our project managers and developers are fluent in English.

Almost all of our developers prefer to work with MacOS or Linux.

We will be able to sign NDA, and we never disclose information about the project unless you agreed to provide the information for a testimonial or a case study.

We always use private repos on GitHub, Gitlab, or BitBucket.

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