About Me

Hi! I always have this desire to create a digital media and broadcasting company like how Vice did, especially in the early days lol but for now, I just manage my own social media and once created a youtube channel where most audiences are in my home country the Philippines. Anyways, I want to see and learn if I can really create a brand and be able to get attention. I want to learn how to market a brand. Right now, I’m learning how to eat and sleep healthy, listening to podcasts, trying out headspace, I’m taking 10 supplements, drinking mushroom coffee, and share it on my socials… a month ago I finished my first book ever since I don’t know when I stopped reading children’s book and now I actually have 4 books on audible and 1 physical actual hardcover book! man, I was so excited I smelled it and posted it on my Instagram Story. You can tell I’m a consumer. I started hiking a year ago so I can use free any weather toe box trail shoes. I’m getting more acne than usual nowadays so I would love to try a new product that can save a part of my life lol. I like to try new good things!

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Work History and Feedback

May 6, 2021
Maynard was great to work with, he was responsive and was happy to leave his feedback on our listing. I would work with him again.