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April 28, 2021

To Whom It May Concern
Social Media Marketing Coordinator
Chicago, IL

Dear to whom it may concern,

I am interested in interviewing for the Social Media Marketing Coordinator position. I believe I would be a good fit for this company because I have a lot of the qualifications you are looking for such as experience with different social media platforms, and my strong personal skills that can deliver outstanding results. I as well have extensive experience with marketing, technology, and many different social media platforms to promote brand awareness. I am currently connected to more than 8 social media platforms, and have been using them for about 10 years now. Social media is what I know and I would love to share my creative ideas with this company and create special content. From using my extensive research about this company, I know Samurai Social acts as a digital buyer, advise different strategies, and fills in gaps on ad content. Your clients range from clothing brands, health/wellness brands, food brands, home decorations, and much more. I have a big interest in this field and have some knowledge about it and what it entails. I want to choose a job that I have interest in and use in my daily life. Samurai Social serves many different brands that all relate to my life and could see myself working with. Your clients are food, clothes, beauty, health, and so many other companies that I use weekly and would love to work for. Samurai Social has a lot of my interests I use each week and I would love to expand my knowledge in this field and the skills it comes with. I am so passionate about this company and have so many creativity ideas to incorporate.

I am graduating this May with a bachelor’s degree in Marketing and a minor in Public Relations. Throughout my experiences, I feel I would fit perfectly in this position from what I have learned and have been involved in. I was VP of event planning for my sorority so I had to be organized, detail orientated, and used time management effectively. I also was involved in my schools AMA Marketing club where we would listen to different companies and learn about the marketing world and what goes into it. I have learned a lot from these two experiences alone and gathered specific skills that can help me with my occupation. I also have had the opportunity of getting two business internship experiences where it showed me how to work with different technology platforms, transform me into a self-driven problem solver, and gave me the experience of working in a business environment. I am outgoing, tech savvy, team player, and skillful with different technology platforms. 

Thank you so much for the consideration. I’ve included my resume so you may further review my qualification for the position. If you have any questions please contact at 630-306-8154. I look forward to hearing back from you and discussing the position with you in person and welcome the chance of an interview. 

Gianna Bogo

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