About Us

About Us

We built this platform after we saw there wasn’t a great ecosystem to bring together microinfluencers and ecommerce entrepreneurs.

We knew there had to be a better way to drive sales, help promote great products, and help microinfluencers get early access to products while establishing their brand.


Quality Products

Get access to new quality products at a fraction of the cost

Build Your Brand

Use Social.Samurai to build your microinfluencer brand within your niche

Rating System

Build your reputation as a great influencer to work with using our rating system

Drive Reviews

Drive organic reviews to your listing using our network of microinfluencers

Build Relationships

Connect with microinfluencers in your niche using our platform

Gain Social Proof

Verify from real buyers before launching on Amazon whether your product is a good fit in that market

Increase social buzz

Create a buzz in your space prior to launching when you create a campaign where microinfluencers shoutout your product.